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Test Code Order UPEP not QBEN See Urine Protein Electrophoresis with Monoclonal Quantitation.   Replaces Bence Jones Protein

Important Note


Test Request Sample Type Test Code Description
Quantitiative Bence Jones 24hr urine UPEP Quantitative Bence Jones
Urine Immunofixation 24 hr urine UPEP Immunofixation Electrophoresis is done at pathologist discretion if there is a monoclonal band onthe urine electrophoresis.
Bence Jones (not specified) 24 hr urine UPEP Quantitative Bence Jones
Bence Jones (not specified) random Not Available Per September 2010 LabWire, random urine testing is not appropriate for monoclonal studies.


Please note: Urine Protein Electrophoresis includes quantitation of Bence Jones Protein if present.  .

Additional Codes

Epic Code

Order  LAB438,  Urine Protein Elecctrophoresis with Monoclonal Quantitation

Please Note: Additional CPT and professional fee for pathologist’s interpretation may be applied.

Performing Laboratory

Bronson Laboratory Services-Chemistry

Reference Values

An interpretive report will be provided.



This test quantifies monoclonal proteins by electrophoresis and
densitometry.  If not previously known, to Identify the
monoclonal protein, an IFE on Urine will be ordered as indicated by
the pathologist.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Urine, 24 hour. Entire collection.

Container/Tube: Clean, plastic urine container

Specimen Volume: 30 mL aliquot from well mixed 24-hour urine.

Collection Instructions:

1. No preservative. Refrigerate specimen during collection.

2. Random urine collection is not acceptable.

Additional Information:

1. 24-Hour volume is required.

2. Starting and ending dates/times of collection are required.

3. Follow instructions in Patient Instructions for 24-Hour Collection under Special Instructions.

Processing Instructions:

1. Measure and record total volume.

2. Mix entire collection well and pour off a 30.0 mL aliquot.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Day(s) Test Set Up

Tuesday, Thursday

Test Classification and CPT Coding

84156-Protein, total

84166-Protein electrophoresis

Special Instructions

BMH Laboratory Only

  1. the proper collection duration and volume entered
  2. a urine cup placed in the 24 hour bin in the Accession refrigerator
  3. an aliquot poured off into a false bottom tube for a urine total protein for chemistry
  4. an aliquot that is a minimum of 12 mL for wet chemistry placed in the KWET rack ( 12 mL urine tubes) or blue container (cups)