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COVID Testing FAQ Updated October 2022


Welcome to the Bronson Laboratory Test Catalog


Our test catalog provides you with up-to-date test information to ensure accurate and timely test results.  Please use the  Search  feature to  find:

  • Detailed specimen requirements – what to collect, how to transport properly and special instructions
  • Reference values and test methodologies
  • Testing frequency
  • CPT codes

Additional information, including policies, procedures and service  locations may be also found at the links listed at left.  If you require additional assistance, please contact our Client Service Center  269-341-6440 at any time.



About Bronson Laboratory Services


Our laboratory is community-oriented and committed to the mission of improving the health of our patients.  For specimen collection, our patient service centers are staffed by caring, qualified and experienced phlebotomists.   Our state-of-the-art laboratory provides a full range of clinical and anatomic pathology services 24 hours a day.  Specialized testing not available onsite is referred to Mayo Clinic Laboratories, a world renowned leader in healthcare.


The laboratory employs a dedicated staff of certified laboratory professionals.  A team of pathologists is available for consultations, questions, or any concerns that your clinician may have.  Bronson Laboratory also offers outreach services to clinician offices and healthcare facilities. Those participating in our outreach program are provided with courier services and the necessary supplies to collect and submit specimens.


The Laboratory is fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists and meets all standards of The Joint Commission.


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