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Test Code Uncrossmatched Blood, Emergency, Blood Uncrossmatched Blood, Emergency, Blood

Important Note

Physician’s signature or signature of person authorized by physician, patient’s name, and
Medical Record Number are
required on Priority 1 form. Once a Priority 1 form is received, blood is issued within 5 minutes (can request up to 4 units per form).

Initially, type O blood will be issued. Only RH negative will be given to women less than 50 years of age.  Type specific blood is issued after initial testing has been completed on a properly collected and labeled specimen to ensure positive patient identification.

Additional Codes

Epic Order Code: see specific component in lab catalog for order code
Sunquest Order Code: see specific component in lab catalog for order code

Specimen Required

Patient Preparation:

Blood specimen should be drawn prior to transfusion in order to get an accurate blood type. ABO/RH and Antibody Screen will be performed on this specimen as well as any necessary crossmatch testing.

Container Type:

Optimal: Pink Top (EDTA)


Acceptable:  Lavender


Optimal Collection Volume: 

6.0mL Whole Blood

Collection Instructions:

Collect specimen and gently invert several times to mix. Label the specimen, in the presence of the patient, with full name, date of birth and patient medical record number. 

Processing Instructions: 

1. Collect sample in pink top container.

2. Label per policy in the presence of the patient.

3. Send whole blood sample to Blood Bank for testing.

Useful For

Facilitating the treatment of life threatneing medical conditions when a delay in transfussion could be detremental to the patient.

Profile Information

Test ID   Reporting Name Available Separately Always Performed
%AS Antibody Screen Yes Yes

Method Name


Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
  Refrigerated 3 days
  Ambient  1 day

Rejection Due To

Hemolysis Mild OK; Moderate OK; Gross Reject
Lipemia Mild OK; Moderate OK; Gross Reject
Icterus Mild OK; Moderate OK; Gross Reject
Other N/A


Post Processing Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Specimen Minimum Volume

Collecting minimum volumes can result in a need for sample recollection, and/or a delay in results. Minimum volumes are subjective and cannot account for all aspects of specimen and testing needs. Refer to the Specimen Required section for optimal volumes for laboratory specimens. Contact the Bronson Laboratory if complex collection exceptions occur that require more information.


Minimum Volume: 3.0mL whole blood
Neonate Volume: 1.0mL whole blood

Performing Laboratory

Bronson Laboratory, Blood Bank-Kalamazoo, Paw Paw, Battle Creek, South Haven

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed


LOINC Code Information


Test ID Test Order Name Order LOINC Value
TSC Type and Screen 34532-2
%ABR ABO/RH 34530-6
%AS Antibody Screen 75263-4

CPT Code Information

Test ID   Test Order Name CPT Code
%ABR ABO/RH(D) 86900,86901
%AS Antibody Screen 86850

Sample Retention Time

Blood Bank specimens (other than Cord Blood) are retained in the Blood Bank for 30 days. Pretransfusion testing should be completed within 2 days.